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Student Scholarship Testimonials

The Power of Scholarships

We asked current Jacksonville University students what their ASPIRE scholarships mean to them. Their answers reinforced our knowledge that education truly changes lives. Please join us as we progress full-speed ahead with ASPIRE. For more information about making contributions call Kimberly Mariani Jones at (904)256-7642 or email

What do scholarships mean to you?

Dallas Doane.JPG

"Scholarships to me have meant the difference between being able to afford going to school and working at a minimum-wage job for the rest of my life." -- Dallas Doane, Junior, Business Management

"Your scholarship was a blessing; with your support my dreams are coming true." -- Frank Kajale
Jessica Desiderio.JPG

"My JU scholarship has given me the opportunity to continue my education, and through my experience at JU I have grown and developed a better sense of who I am today." -- Jessica Desiderio, Sophomore, Business Administration
Lexy Plummer.JPG

"Without the scholarships I received from this school, I would not be where I am today. I never would have had the opportunity to meet all of my great friends, or the faculty and staff at this school who are genuinely thrilled to help and watch me grow and progress as an individual and guide me through the processes necessary to get my degree. Coming to JU has been one of the greatest things I have even been able to do so far for myself in life, and it never would have been possible without the help and support of my scholarships." -- Alexandra Plummer, Freshman, Animation
Brittany Bush_4.JPG

"Without my scholarship, I would not be at JU pursuing my dreams. So my scholarship is my everything right now." -- Brittany Bush, Freshman, Film
Max Orozco_5.JPG

"Thank you for the scholarship that has allowed me to grow my mind and acknowledge what really matters in life." -- Max Orozco, Freshman, Engineering
Michelle Davidson_4.JPG

Just like E.E. Cummings said: "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." My experience at JU has given me that courage, and none of it would have been possible without the generous scholarships that fund the furtherance of my education here at Jacksonville University." -- Michelle Davidson, Freshman, Photography
Megan Tully.JPG

"Without my scholarship, I would not be able to attend Jacksonville University. The opportunities and experiences I have had here are things that I could have never had if it weren't for the help of financial assistance. With every new opportunity I appreciate the help more and more." -- Megan Tully, Sophomore, Marine Science
Arrianna George_8.JPG

"My JU scholarships have allowed me to pursue my goals. Honestly, if it wasn't for the scholarships, I don't know if I would be here or not. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given by JU, through the scholarships as well as other school activities. Because of these scholarships, I have been able to grow not only as a person, but I have been able to beat the statistics by becoming a college student. The scholarships I have received I do not take for granted, nor are they in vain. They play a bigger role in my life, showing me the importance of giving as well as education, than one could probably think. When I do become a successful, prominent figure in the future, I will be able to look back and proudly say that the opportunities given to me at JU helped me get where I am now, and for that I will forever be grateful. I wish to be able to play a role in pouring into Jacksonville University and its future students just as JU has and continues to pour into me." -- Arrianna George, Freshman, Nursing
Emilee Henry_5.JPG

"Without my JU scholarship, I honestly would not be here. I would not have experienced the things I have and would not have met the wonderful people and professors here at JU. I also would not have been able to be a part of JU's wonderful dance program if I had not been awarded my scholarship, and for these reasons ...Thank You." -- Emilee Henry, Sophomore, Dance
Sara Mecklenburg_2.JPG

"After losing my athletic scholarship, JU gave me new hope. Without the additional scholarship help from the university, I would have never been able to stay here and fulfill my dreams." -- Sarah Mecklenburg, Senior, Communications
Christopher-Pfau.JPG "I am very thankful for my scholarship that I have received while attending JU." -- Christopher J. Pfau, Vice President of Chemistry Club, Secretary of J.U. Dolphin Divers
Brett-Durda.jpg "I am absolutely grateful with the scholarship I received from JU. I was interested in coming to JU for the Marine Science program as well as the campus feel. If not for the academic scholarship I received, I would not have been able to even consider coming to JU, let alone attending and excelling in academics. Also if not for my scholarship, I would probably be at a state institution. I really am thankful and appreciative for the scholarship I received. I am truly happy I chose JU and everything it has given me." -- Brett Durda, Department of Biology and Marine Science
Shanese-Matthews.jpg "I am extremely grateful for the scholarship that I received while here at Jacksonville University. The scholarship allowed me to continue on the path to attaining my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing here at JU, where I can gain greater opportunities toward having a wonderful career." -- Shanese Matthews
Breahanna-Hilaire.jpg "With my scholarship I have the ability to focus on my education without worrying about finances. I know that someone is invested in me continuing my dreams." -- Breahannah Hilaire, junior
Kritika-Vincent.jpg "Studying aviation abroad was my dream. But leaving your country where you have lived all your life, leaving your family behind, isn't easy! Apart from the dependency factor, financial issues matter as well. This dream wouldn't have come true if I wasn't given an International Students Scholarship by JU. I am glad to receive this scholarship. As much as I wanted, I wouldn't have been here without this support. I thank JU for giving me an opportunity to be in this university and pursue my dream. I look forward to having a great career in the aviation field." -- Kritika Vincent
Malarie-Warren.jpg "I am grateful for my scholarship because I would not be at Jacksonville University without it. I love the relationships I have built, the experiences I have gained, and the opportunities I have been given here." -- Malarie Warren, Theatre and Psychology major
Stephanie-Arnold.jpg "Without my scholarship, I would have been financially suffering during my Spring 2012 semester. Thank you very much to Eugene Middlebrooks and his scholarship fund for providing me with the money to make it to my Senior year." -- Stephanie Arnold, Senior
Angel_Buckmire.jpg "Without receiving the Paul Bateman Scholarship, I would not be at Jacksonville University. I am thankful for the blessed opportunity I received in obtaining this scholarship; it gave me a chance to ultimately attend the school of my dreams. God bless" -- Angel Buckmire, Sophomore, Political Science