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Financial Vitality

Financial Vitality: $40 million

Private Jacksonville University must be able to respond quickly to emerging current needs and
opportunities to serve students, prospective employers and the greater Jacksonville community. Tuition is important to fund this, but a “nest egg” to meet accelerating future demands is vital.

ASPIRE identifies financial strength as essential to becoming and remaining all we aim to be. Our principal strategy is to build the endowment, to ensure our pursuit of excellence for our students. With a stronger endowment, challenges become opportunities. Good ideas will be acted upon in a timely fashion. Classrooms will be enriched with current learning tools as they become available. The University’s administrators and trustees can focus on making sound decisions and forward-reaching plans.

A portion of endowment income will be used to support endowed professorships, effectively extending our faculty career ladder to recognize the highest levels of experience and qualification. This will also position JU to compete successfully with other colleges to attract and retain the best-qualified teachers and scholars.​
For more information contact Donna Morrow at 904.256.7928 or email
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